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EnergybolizerEnergybolizer® Original Formula

Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Become Lean and Vibrant Naturally!

Energybolizer is the key to lasting health and weight loss.

How Energybolizer works with your body:

Insulin builds body muscle by stimulating amino acid uptake, while decreasing protein breakdown. This improves your metabolism so your body relies more on using stored fat and less on using stored proteins, resulting in more muscle and less fat.

Here’s Proof:

Several double blind crossover studies, conducted along with clinical and laboratory tests at a leading university and hospital, have proven this product is effective. Over a six-week period, without significantly changing dietary or exercise habits, subjects in separate studies lost an average of 23% body fat or approximately 4.4 lbs., and increased lean body mass by 1.5 lbs.

Why Diets Don’t Work:

Most dieters who achieve significant weight loss, lose far too much (approximately 30%) lean body mass (muscle and organ tissue). This not only diminishes strength and ability, but affects appearance as well. With less muscle, pleasing curves flatten, chests sink, arms and legs look spindly. Making things worse, this lessened lean body mass lowers metabolic rate making it harder to keep the fat off permanently. This is known as the “yo-yo” syndrome. There is now excellent scientific evidence that ENERGYBOLIZER® can accelerate fat loss while helping preserve and increase muscle.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is a bioactive Chromium with clinically proven benefits. It is vital to good health and essential for the efficient functioning of insulin. Poor responsiveness to insulin is common and is linked with increased risk of being overweight, heart disease, elevated blood fat, high blood pressure and diabetes. 90% of American diets provide much less than the minimal amount of Chromium recommended by the National Academy of Science.

Most forms of Chromium are not easily absorbed by the body, but Chromium Picolinate, being bioactive, is. Chromium Picolinate has also been recommended as the chromium supplement of choice in recent books by distinguished physicians.

More Muscle & Less Fat

A placebo-controlled study in weight-training at Louisiana State University measured increases in body measurement (sum of arms, chest and thigh circumference) with or without supplemental Chromium Picolinate. The benefit of Chromium Picolinate was significant and striking. Chromium Picolinate improves metabolism so your body relies more on stored fat, and less on stored protein, as an energy source. The results are: More Muscle and Less Fat.

Don’t Be a Part of the Obesity Epidemic

In America today, 32 million women and 26 million men are obese. That’s 33% of our adult population. Yet just last decade only 25% of us were obese - the same number since 1960. Based on this alarming jump in such a short period of time, one eating-behavior expert believes that if we do not make some changes in our present time, the entire U.S. population will be obese by the year 2230 - maybe even earlier.

Energybolizer Original Formula ingredients:

White Willow Bark: Natural Source of Solicin.

Green Tea : Helps with thermo genesis: aid in metabolism of fat.

Siberian Ginseng : Increases energy.

72 Trace Mineral Complex : Acts as buffering agents to make ingredients in Herbal Energy more available to the body.

Garcinia Cambogia : Reduces cravings: increases metabolic process.

Royal Jelly : Rich in vitamin B, essential amino acids and minerals.

Ginger : Increases circulation, aids in metabolism of dietary nutrients.

Chromium Picolinate : Supports glucose utilization.

Bladderwrack: Increases the body's ability to burn fat.

Foti : Beneficial for liver, kidneys, pancreas spleen and blood.

Guarana : South American bean. Increases sexual performance.

Hawthorn Berries : Called the heart herb.

Saw Palmetto : Improves digestion and increases assimilation.

Kola Nut : Improves energy and alertness, strengthens the heart.

Beet Root Powder : Enriches blood.

Yerba Mate : Acts on sensory organs to reduce food cravings.

B-12 : Essential energy .

Gingko Biloba : May support mental alertness.

You may find more information about these herbs and minerals in an encyclopedia.


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