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Powerful Antioxidant Protection
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Amazons™ combines a substantial amount of (ACE) Vitamins A, C, and E along with Selenium and a full spectrum of highly potent super antioxidants to help protect your body from the ravages of oxidation. A large part of the aging process is the oxidation or rusting of our body’s cells.

Free Radicals - How They Damage Your Cells

Just as a piece of metal rusts or an apple turns brown when exposed to air, the human body is vulnerable from contact with air.

If you could view your body at the cellular level, you'd witness your cells under attack from damaging molecules called free radicals - the by-products of our own metabolism. Free radicals are electrically-charged molecules that attack your cells, tearing through cellular membranes to react and create havoc with the nucleic acids, proteins, and enzymes inside. These attacks by free radicals known as oxidative stress - are capable of causing cells to lose their structure, their function, and eventually destroying them.

Not only does our body normally produce them, but also the air we breathe contains free radicals in the form of toxins and pollutants.

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