January 1, 2013

We will not be allowing our distributors to set up online stores or any websites where consumers can purchase our products. Online shopping commercializes our products and hurts our Multi-Level marketing system for all our hard-working distributors.

Additionally, there is a growing trend of foreign products and imitations circulating the web and it has proven very difficult to control; this is another reason why we are prohibiting the use of websites and online stores to sell products, to protect our consumers from imitations, of which are prohibited products in the USA from which one does not even know what they contain or where they come from; if one gets a myocardiac infarction, a stroke or damage to other organs from these false products, the responsibility of this will be purely of the buyer.

Distributors caught selling product through online stores, websites, eBay, amazon etc. will be asked to discontinue such actions. If any distributor is caught a second time they will lose thier membership status and forfeit any commissions made for the present month.

We will be strickly making sure distributors comply for the safety of our consumers and fairness to other distributors.

Any of our products bought online are either outdated, counterfeit, or not from a legitimate distributor and such we won't be responsible for any products bought online. Anyone can sell a fake product on the internet portraying false impressions of being our main company and these fake products could potentially contain prohibited and harmful ingredients; we will not be responsible for these fake products nor the harm they cause as buying online is purely the buyers responsibility. The internet is a double-edge sword which can give access to organized crime. Consumers must contact company directly to be referred a local distributor.

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